Utilize The Year's COVID Relief Funds with Total Disinfection Systems

Under the most recent American Rescue Plan, the House dedicated approximately $170 billion dollars to support schools and higher education. Additional state and local funds earmarked for education are included in this bill.

The Alliance of Excellent Education spelled out the specifics of how these funds should be applied on the local level. With 20% of the funds focused on supporting evidence-based learning loss and student-focused interventions, the rest of the funds are available for a wide array of applications. The secondary purpose of these funds is to support efforts to bring schools up to the appropriate level of health and safety.


How can American Rescue Plan funds be used?

The bill specifically notes that funds can be applied to:
  • Coordinating with public health departments.
  • School facility repairs to reduce risk of virus transmission and support student health.
  • Implementing public health protocols including policies in line with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for school-reopening.
  • Implementing activities to maintain the operation and continuity of services and to employ existing staff.


Included in the implementation of CDC regulations the purchase of PPE and supplies needed to clean and disinfect schools.

Total Disinfection Systems is an authorized distributor for Curoxide™, the disinfectant solution used in the Curis® System. This hospital grade disinfectant solution is on List N as an EPA approved product of covid-19 disinfection.

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