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Students At Montessori School Washing Hands In Bathroom

Getting Back to School Safely With Hospital-Grade Disinfection

Proper cleaning & disinfection of all the surfaces in schools and learning institutions is one way of safeguarding the health and safety of students, staff, and teachers. The COVID-19 pandemic altered everyday life, and getting back to school won’t be business as. Physical distancing protocols, wearing of face masks, and regular washing or sanitization of hands are some of the measures that all schools have set in place as they prepare to welcome students and teachers back to campus.

Besides these precautionary measures, having a cleaning and disinfection plan will further help schools and institutions build confidence among students, teachers, staff, and parents. While most schools already have an ordinary cleaning routine in place, it is an added advantage to run a parallel school disinfection program where all the surfaces and environments within the premises are thoroughly addressed.